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The MISSOULA SPEED STEEL Match is an easy and fun monthly steel match for new and experienced competitors alike, as well as families, kids, and everyone else.  You don't need to be a range member to participate.  All are welcome.

A bit like Steel Challenge (but with our own flair), the Speed Steel match consists of 5 "stages" of about 5 steel plate targets, and has a bare minimum count of 100 rounds, so it's suggested that shooters bring at least 150 rounds per gun.  See rules (below) for competition divisions.  Enter in one or two divisions per match - bring two guns and shoot them both if you'd like.  Entry is $10 per division.

Experienced shooters and competitors will have fun at this match, but it's ideal for bringing your kids, grandkids, spouse, family, and friends who might be interested in trying out competitive shooting, but don't yet have the skills, equipment, or ammo budget for full-scale competitive matches.  We'd also love to have experienced competitors who can show our new shooters the ropes and have a good time themselves.

Competitors who haven't participated in 4 or more organized competitions before (e.g. USPSA, Steel Challenge, IDPA, etc.) are required to attend the New Shooter Orientation at 10:00am the day of their first match, which will cover everything they need to know to safely shoot the match and have fun.

2024 Matches:

Sat. March 23rd
Sat. April 27th
Sat. May 25th
Sat. June 29th*
Sat. July 27th
Sat. August 31st*
Sat. September 28th
Sat. October 26th

Match-day Schedule:

9:00am -   Setup (optional)
9:45am -   Registration opens
10:00am -  Competitor Orientation
11:00am -  Match starts (registration closes)
2-4pm? -   Wrap-up by mid-afternoon

New competitors must arrive by 10AM.


* = not the 4th Saturday

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Missoula Speed Steel is hosted at the Deer Creek Shooting Center.

The DCSC Entrance Gate is located off of Deer Creek Rd. just outside of East Missoula.  Follow Deer Creek Rd. until just past the railroad crossing.  Note that there are two entrance gates, and we will be using the second one you come to.  On match day, the gate will be open with signage relating to the match by the time registration opens.  The range is located at:

1142 Deer Creek Rd., Missoula, MT 59802

Map/Directions - 46.873°N, 113.907°W


Questions & Mailing List:

Questions about the match should be sent to

If you'd like to get on an email mailing list for updates and reminders about the match, you can sign up here, send Ty Marbut an email (, or sign up at the match.

What to Bring:

Here's your pre-match checklist:

Highly recommended:

Match Rules & Procedures

This is an overview.  You can view the complete rulebook here, or download a print-friendly copy here.

New Competitor Orientation:  Before their first Speed Steel match, every competitor who has not completed four or more matches in a similar discipline (such as USPSA/IPSC, Steel Challenge, IDPA) must attend the free 1-hour orientation before the match, which will familiarize them with the basic rules, range commands, and procedures for action shooting sports.

Cold Range:  All guns must arrive and remain unloaded, including an empty magazine well, except at the direction of the Range Officer.  Chamber flags optional.

Handling & Transport:  All guns will be transported to and around the range in a case or holster, and may not be removed from the case or holster behind the firing line, or under any other circumstances except at the direction of the Range Officer or in a marked Safety Area.

Safe Handling:  Shooters will follow the 3 cardinal rules of Gun Safety:

  • Treat all guns as if they’re always loaded.
  • Keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.
  • Keep your finger outside the trigger guard until you’re ready to shoot.

Shooters will also adhere to the “180 Rule” by keeping the muzzle pointed forward of the firing line at all times.  Accidental or negligent discharges result in disqualification.

Eye & Ear Protection:  Eye protection is required for everyone on the range, including spectators.  Ear protection is required at or near the firing line when shooting is in progress.

Range Commands:  The shooter must be familiar with and follow all range commands, such as “Make ready”, “Stop”, “Prepare for your next string”, “Unload and show clear”, “Slide/bolt forward, hammer down, and case/holster”.  These are covered in the orientation.

Ready Position:  The ready position for all firearms is loaded, in the shooting position, but pointed at an indicated point on the ground, about 10-12 feet forward of the shooting position (“low ready”).  Rifles start shouldered.  All manual safety mechanisms must be engaged and double/single-action decockers activated.

Shooting Procedure:  On a start signal, shoot all steel targets (typically 5) as quickly as possible.  Time from start signal to last shot is recorded.  Extra shots may be fired, but (hint) it takes longer to make up a miss than to hit on the first try.  There may be stage-specific procedures, such as a “stop plate” that must be hit last, or a specified target order.

Reloads, movement, and special procedures:  This match does not require the shooter to holster or draw a loaded handgun, move under time, reload under time, shoot with only one hand, shoot from non-standing shooting positions, or any other special procedures.  We just shoot.

Scoring:  Your time is your score.  Your time on each stage is typically the sum of the best 3 out of 4 attempts at that stage, or “strings”.  Penalties are assessed by adding time, such as 5 seconds for a missed target, 3 seconds for procedural penalties such as shooting the targets in the wrong order, and 5 seconds for “failure to engage” (not attempting to shoot at a target).

Divisions:  There are 3 binary variables, making for 8 total possible divisions:

  • Centerfire or Rimfire
  • Pistol or Rifle  (regarding rifles, see “Ammo Limitations”)
  • Open or Limited

For example, you might compete in the “open rimfire rifle” division, or the “limited centerfire pistol” division.  For the match, “rifles” are guns that are shouldered while shooting, regardless of any legal definitions.  Competitors will use the same equipment through the entire match, except with approval of the Match Director due to a mechanical problem.

Open & Limited:  “Open” guns have optics such as red dots, or muzzle devices such as compensators, muzzle brakes, or suppressors.  “Limited” guns have none of these features.

Multiple Divisions:  You may register in either one or two divisions, allowing you to shoot up to two different guns.

Ammo Limitations:  No steel-core, tracer, or incendiary ammo is allowed at the range during the Speed Steel match (steel casings are OK).  Projectiles must travel under 1600fps and be greater than .354 (8.99mm) diameter.  So, calibers like .223/5.56, 7.62x39, etc. are not permitted.  See the complete rulebook for lists of pre-approved calibers.  In general, .22LR, 9mm, .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .38 Special, .380 ACP, .45 Colt, and .38 Super have no limitations.  At least for now, .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, and .22 Magnum are not permitted.

Categories:  Awards and special recognition are available in the following “categories”:

  • Pre-teen (12 yrs. old and under)
  • Junior (13-17 yrs. old)
  • Senior (60 yrs. old and over)
  • Super-senior (70 yrs. old and over)
  • Lady
  • Cowboy (revolver/lever-action)
  • Novice

Novice Shooters:  Novice shooters have attended fewer than 3 Speed Steel competitions and fewer than 4 organized competitions in similar disciplines.  Novices receive special benefits, including being allowed to retire after 2 strings if they need to load magazines, and being allowed to shoot an extra string if they have sufficient ammo and can learn something from another string. (Same number of strings will be scored as for any other competitor).

Sportsmanship:  Our awards are just ribbons - there are no prizes other than pride and glory.  Competitors are expected to respect the less formal nature of this match, be excellent to one another, have fun, and be safe.